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Three goals of our services and lessons.

Our lessons programs have produced successful examinees for nine years, and is easy to understand.
We provide our services for the following three main objectives:

  • Help you to grasp the tips to pass Gaimen - kirikae driving exam at driving exam center.
    We teach the correct procedures for driving tests in Japan.
  • The Manual / App for Success has easy-to-understand illustrations to help you grasp the key points exactly!
    We clearly describe test contents and indicate the key points for passing!
  • We highlight the differences in rules between Japan and overseas countries like the USA.
    We accurately point out the differences between ordinary driving and driving for the exam in Japan!

How to pass License exchange driving exam

How to pass License exchange driving exam

How to use the Manual / App Gaimen - kirikae


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You can view the contents for Gaimen - kirikae driving exam from the linked page.
Also, this is a site specially for smartphones, so in some cases you may not be able to view it with a PC or terminal other than a smartphone.
Please be aware of this beforehand.

Process on the day of training at our company for converting a foreign driver’s license


How to reserve a training session :
03-5460-3262 (Reservations cannot be made on the Internet)

we are open :
Every day 9:00 - 18:00 Except 12/28 - 1/5
Training to coincide with days when the course is open at the Samezu Driver’s License Center

Location for practice:
At Samezu Driver’s License Center, In front of main entrance

Time table :
(1) 9:45 - 10:45
(2) 11:15 - 12:15
(3) 13:30 - 14:30
(4) 15:00 - 16:00

When you need to make a reservation :
We recommend 1 week advance or longer

However, there is crowding during the summer vacation and at the end of the year, and at those times you may have to wait a few weeks for reservations.
If you could call us before you take the written test to confirm, we will provide the latest information on the reservation situation.

Keita Ueno, the instructor for the Manua / App for Success

I am sincerely thankful that, through this Manual for License Exchange (Gaimen - kirikae) driving exam about I have been able to support all of our customers’success in passing the test.

Obtaining a license in Japan is a new challenge, different from the process of obtaining a license overseas.

This Manual / App for Converting a Foreign Driver’s License describes the process of passing the test developed on the front lines of our driver’s school over the course of nine years, and compiles a number of patterns which have achieved actual results for our customers.
Its effectiveness has been attested by thousands of people.

A driver’s license will definitely be essential for living in Japan in the future, and there is no greater thrill for me than contributing to your life through the Manual for License Exchange (Gaimen - kirikae) driving exam.


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