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Thoughts of our president

A message to all the customers who rely on our company

代表取締役 上野慶太

Motivation for founding the company

Due to my own experience taking the driving test at a testing center.
I was born and raised in Japan, but from age 16 I lived overseas for about 3 years.
After returning to Japan, I wanted to obtain a Japanese license, and I started preparing to acquire one at the Samezu Driver’s License Center.

Until I actually took the driving skills test, I thought my driving skills were adequate.
Even overseas, I had no accidents, and although driver's education was different from Japan, I had confidence in my safe driving.

However, I was vaguely preparing for the worst because I’d heard a rumor that the test was difficult, and I thought it would probably be hard to pass the first time.
I started to go to the testing center every day.
I failed the driving skills test the first time
I failed the driving skills test the second time
I failed the driving skills test the third time...

As suspected, it wasn’t easy to pass.
I hadn’t been driving in Japan, so I engaged in my own style of imagery training, doing things like checking safety while remembering my past driving overseas. I tried over and over, but there was no indication I would pass.

After finishing the test each time, the examiner gives you one or two pieces of advice as your reasons for failure.
Each time I failed, I tried to beware of the previous point to watch out for in the next test, but I failed each time due to a different mistake.

When I failed for the fifth time, I felt there was no meaning in continuing to take the test on my own.

So I searched for a personal instructor to give me a lesson on the testing center course.

I took a one hour lesson from that person, and then took the test again.
On my eighth try, I finally passed.

This is probably true of everything, but the speed of attaining a result is different when you face a challenge with an overall understanding, compared to when you have no understanding at all.
I decided to establish this company with the aim of passing on the knowledge and experience I obtained to other people taking the test in the same environment.
If you are taking the test at a testing center and having trouble like I did, we can help you move forward.
More than anything else, I want to ensure that you don't have to experience a sense of failure over and over like I did.

During work and the flow of daily life, it’s an extreme hardship to keep going through the cycle of asking those around you to understand, securing time on a weekday, going to the testing center, failing, and coming home again.
Thanks to you, in the last nine years, we have given individual lessons at an actual testing center course to more than 1000 customers seeking to convert a foreign driver’s license in Japan.
I would like to sincerely thank all the customers and staff who have supported us thus far.


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