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How to make reservations

Reservations are made by only telephone
You can make a reservation even without carrying out the procedures done visiting the school.

Reception hours: 9:00 am - 18:00 pm, every day throughout the year (except 12/29 - 1/3).
Phone number: 03-5460-3262

Process of making a reservation for practice at Samezu test center

Step 1 : Call Kiki driving school and check our availability for instructors and cars

Step 2 : Call Samezu examination center for booking the driving truck

Step 3 : Call Kiki driving school for conformation

Step 4 : You can make your payment at the site

Reason for calling both Kiki driving school and Samezu test center
Reservation for using Samezu test center and service of our school are not linked to each other.

So someone have to make a reservation for both and have to match both reservation.

Of course, our school would like to do it instead of you ... but.
Since Samezu test canter only accept a call form the person who take a practice.

So we are afraid to ask you to make calls, but there is not otherways...

In case you would like to not take those steps,
then you can also practice at other facility where have quite similar shape if the course.

You can book it by only calling our school in English .
Please do not hesitate to call and ask.

Booking for Samezu test center for driving track
Phone number : 03-6717-3086

At the test center only 10 cars are allowed to practice at the same time.
So it is diffenatly needed to make a reservation. And also the test center only accepts a reservation 1 month before of the date of practice.

Make sure to call exactly 1 month before .
Otherwise it is difficult to get a space for you.

There is only one staff who answer the phone for reservations.
Most of the cases the phone is busy or even it is ringing the staff may be too busy to answer.

Do not give up calling by redialing and wait till the staff answers .
The staff will definitely answer your call.

What you have to say to the staff on the phone
The staff will ask those 4 questions, so answer and make your booking.

1, Place of facility :
Samezu test center or Fuchu test center

Please say : Samezu test center

2, Type of vehicles :
Regular car (Futuu-sha) or Motor bike (Ni-rin)

Please say : Regular car (Futuu-sha)

3, Date and a slot f lesson :
1 person can only book 1 hour per day.

Please say : The date you chose at our school

1st slot start at 9:45
2nd slot start at 11:15
3rd slot start at 13:30

4, Your information :
Please say : Your full name and phone number.

Then the stuff will call you to your phone number and confirm your booking.

Please call Kiki driving school for confirmation
We will inform you pick up point and some infomation from our school.

Steps on the day of the lesson

The following are the items you may need to bring:

Suitable shoes for driving
High-heels, sandals and similar footwear are not suitable for lessons.
It’s also fine if you bring separate shoes for driving such as sneakers.

Writing materials
Note book, pens, or some other way of taking notes

Eyeglasses, contact lenses
If needed as a condition of driving

Facility use fee
If a course will be used for the lesson, the following fee must be paid in cash at the site.
Samezu course: 2,200en / 1 period

Things our company will provide

Training vehicle with instructor's brake
In the unlikely event, the car can be stopped safely with the instructor's brake in passenger seat by the instructor.

Instructor's mirrors
Enables the instructor to also ascertain the surrounding traffic situation.
Since the founding of our company, we have had zero accidents!

Cancelation or changing the schedule

If you would like to cancel a lesson, or change the time or lesson location, please contact us by 3 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) before the practice date.

In the unlikely event that you must cancel or make changes within 3 days before the lesson, you will be charged the full cost of the lesson.

However, this does not apply in case of a severe snowstorm, natural disaster, etc., so please set your mind at ease.

Telephone response hours: Every day 9:00 - 18:00, 03-5460-3262

Bank account information for payment.
The customer is responsible for paying all bank transfer fees.

Bank name Mizuho Bank (みずほ銀行)
Branch Shinagawa branch
Account type Saving account
Account number 1504137
Account name kiki driving school


We can speak English.
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