We can speak English. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

TEL 03-5460-3262
Open 7 days 11:00 ~ 18:00


We know what you need to do to pass examinations

Requirements for the driving license

  1. Alien card
  2. Over 18 years old
  3. Eraser and Pencils
  4. Passport or Official ID
  5. Photo 3cm high × 2.4cm length
  6. A certificate on registration matter (*1)
  7. If your Japanese license has been revoked, you must have finished a train course
  8. Glasses (if needed)
  9. Ex-license card, if you have already
  10. Eyesight minimum
    • Eyesight has to be 0.7 or over)
    • Each eye has to be 0.3 or over)
    • If one eye is less than 0.3, the other has to be 0.7 or over and the range of vision has to be over 150°

(*1) Only when you take exams at Kounosu examination center (Saitama)

We don't charge an entrance fee! Please contact us! Tel:03-5460-3262

Each lesson is 40 min, and All are private lessons. You can start from 1 lesson.

English driving school in Tokyo

We can speak English.
Choose your language either from English or Japanese for your lessons, in order to support your lessons comfortably and so that you can concentrate fully on your driving.

kiki driving school

108-0075 Kounan 4-7-55, Minatoku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5460-3262