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License exchange driving exam

We explain methods for the License exchange driving exam to ensure your pass!

You can take the License exchange driving exam with confidence as long as you know

* Japanese domestic traffic rules checked during the exam
* Orders to be expected and points to watch out for and,
* Differance in between foreigners and Japanese driving habits that can result in a mistake

We guarantee our lessons and products are 100% for you to pass License exchange driving exam.

points of our products

Our Manual for Success has three unique features!

1,The key is “Japanese domestic traffic rules” but not safety rules that tought at driving schools

ideas for the Japanese tarffic rules

Not knowing even one difference of the rules can cause a seriouse danger or an accident while you are living in Japan.

All checking points for the driving exam are based on Japanese domestic traffic rules.
And offen ideas of some rules are quite different from what you had learned at your driving school and international standards.

Only the way to get your Japanese driver's license safe is, to cover 100% of knowlage for the Japanese traffic rules of the License exchange exam!

2,Grasp the principle orders exactly!

know-how for passing

The driving during the exam is held by following right orders.
So knowing the orders is the key for success.

Our lessons and apps shows know-how for passing, tailored to the actual exam.
You will learn the know-how passing step-by-step, in according with the contents, so it's easy to understand the procedure of the driving for the exam.

We explain the specific sequence needed for the exam in each step, such as “do the safety check first” and “turn on your blinker 3 seconds !”
We explain what you need to following the same step as the actual practical exam.

3,Easy-to-understand illustrations help you the differences in rules between Japan and foreign countries


We compare differences between driving in Japan and driving foreign countries, and explain the points to watch out for in an easy-to-understand way.

For example, the mening of tarffic rules in the world is in common,
but rules are slightly different in between the countries; such as in USA, Europ, Japan and etc.

Even if a driving rule is correct in their foreign countries,
in Japan they may lose points on the exam if it is different under Japanese rules. It's tough, but that's the reality.

There’s a lot more to it than just “Japanese don't drive on the right side of the road.”

How to pass License exchange driving exam

How to pass License exchange driving exam

How to use the Manual for Success


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Please be aware of this beforehand.

Process on the day of training at our company for converting a foreign driver’s license


How to reserve a training session :
0120-499-106 (Reservations cannot be made on the Internet)

we are open :
Every day 9:00 - 18:00 Except 12/28 - 1/5
Training to coincide with days when the course is open at the Samezu Driver’s License Center

Location for practice:
At Samezu Driver’s License Center, In front of main entrance

Time table :
(1) 9:45 - 10:45
(2) 11:15 - 12:15
(3) 13:30 - 14:30
(4) 15:00 - 16:00

When you need to make a reservation :
We recomend 1 week advance or longer

However, there is crowding during the summer vacation and at the end of the year, and at those times you may have to wait a few weeks for reservations.
If you telephone our company before you take the written test to confirm, we will provide the latest information on the reservation situation.

So, wouldn’t you like to pass the exam?

Please value your time and money.
If you go ahead without knowing the key points for passing the test, you will take the test blindly, and suffer both psychologically and financially.
One option for obtaining a license is to pay the expense, and attend an officially certified driving school.
But spending a few months of time to do that is a considerable burden, don’t you think ?

Introducing the author of the Manual


I myself obtained a driver’s license overseas, and then later obtained a Japanese driver’s license by taking the test again at a testing center.

However, the path there was difficult.
A failed a number of times, and each time identified a problem point.
Finally I was able to obtain my license. I learned from this experience. Passing the first time takes preparation and countermeasures.

If I had taken the test the first time with an understanding of the driving know-how for passing, how fast could I have passed the driving skills test for converting a foreign license?
At our company, we provide training specially for those taking the driving skills test, over 1000 times a year.

In the future, we will continue to make the most of our experience, and strive for even better services so you can smoothly achieve your goal of obtaining a driver’s license.


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