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Tips to pass practical driving exam


Lessons are focused on topics needed for passing the license test in one try!

合格のコツWe often encounter examinees who, after actually taking the test at a testing center, were told reasons for failing by the examiner such as “your blinker...” or “your checking for safety was insufficient...” Almost no one understands the key points for passing like “what should I watch out for,” so in most cases they fail.

An easy-to-understand explanation of key points for passing.

I think it’s very regrettable that a surprisingly small number of people actually pass due to reasons such as not understanding the trick to passing, or not finding a good instructor.

At our company, we work hard to communicate those key points for passing, for the sake of those who take the test to convert a foreign driver's license at a testing center.

Manual for Successfully Converting a Foreign Driver's License

Lessons are carefully thought out so you can pass in a short time!
Following the test process from beginning to end, the manual uses easy-to-understand illustrations to explain the driving methods required during the test!

You will learn “what must I do?” to pass the test.

The explanation follows the procedure from the beginning to the end of the test,
covering points such as

“____ riding in the test vehicle”
“Walk around the vehicle and do ___!”
“Fasten your seatbelt before ____”
and “Never do ____ during the test.” etc. etc.

Be prepared to be graded on a point system!

During the test, all driving by the examinee is graded using a point score.

Here, let’s take a look at the grading criteria.

Examples of frequent deductions:

10-point deduction

Reason for deduction: Did not check safety by turning head, even when being the first car through an intersection with a traffic signal.
Honest impression of person who failed: “I was trying to be cautious, but I didn’t know the timing when I should turn by head!”

20-point deduction

Reason for deduction: There was determined to be too little distance with the preceding car while waiting for a traffic signal.
Honest impression of person who failed: “I wasn’t even aware of it, and thought I was doing fine because no one had pointed it out to me, even in private driving.”

Termination of test (Must take test again, even if other aspects of driving were fine)

Reason for deduction: It was determined that I did not yield to a car traveling on a road with the right-of-way coming from another direction at an intersection.
Honest impression of person who failed: “The distance wasn’t such that there wouldn't be an accident, and I thought I had left enough distance. Why did this happen?”


Almost everyone who has taken the test without taking specialized lessons at our company has the problem: “Under ordinary circumstances, I can drive safely without paying attention to those things.
Why did I fail?”

What you need to understand here is that, if you don’t understand the evaluation criteria, you can easily lose points through deductions. Altogether, there are about 120 evaluation criteria.
Almost all examinees who fail do so because they don’t understand the nature of these criteria. The reasons why customers support our service are as follows:

How to pass License exchange driving exam

Check tips to pass!

Check free manual for tips to pass exam
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You can see how to pass free of charge!

A word from Keita Ueno, the instructor for the Manual for converting license.
I am sincerely thankful that I can support all of our customers' success in passing the test.
Obtaining a license in Japan is a new challenge, different from the process of obtaining a license overseas.

This Manual for Licnese Exchange driving exam describes the process of passing the test developed on the front lines of our driver’s school over the course of nine years, and compiles a number of patterns which have achieved actual results for our customers.
Its effectiveness has been attested by thousands of people.
A driver’s license will definitely be essential for living in Japan in the future, and there is no greater thrill for me than contributing to your life through the Manual / App for License Exhange driving exam.

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