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1Explanation of the patterns that ensure success

My explanation focuses on the patterns that ensure you will successfully pass the driving exam.
Instructional material devoted to driving tips for passing the exam is divided into patterns frequently monitored by examiners, and then explained so the key points for passing are easy to understanding, e.g., “When driving for the test, this is the key point for passing.”

2Based on the experience of giving lessons for 9 years on an actual test course

Thus far, I have used instruction cars to show the know-how for passing to examinees who take the driving skills test for converting a foreign license on an actual test course.
I try to set the level of the lessons slightly above the actual driving exam.

By raising the passing criterion to 120%, 20% over the level required by examiners, customers can exhibit their abilities 100% at the examination center.

The impression of our customers after taking the test is often: “Mr. Ueno, you demand a higher level of technique (laughs). The examiner wasn’t as strict was you were. But I was able to pass the first time. Thank you so much!”

I think that’s a good approach.

Everyone gets nervous for the actual test.
If we assume that will lower your results, then the correct approach is ensuring you can take the test in a higher state of preparedness.

3Creative approaches so you can repeatedly understand and learn parts you have trouble with

The manual was written by focusing on key points for passing, differences between overseas driving and driving for the test in Japan, and comparing differences with overseas rules. This Manual / App for License exchange driving exam was prepared from the perspective of total commitment to passing the test.

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After the test, our customers are praised by examiners for their driving.

When the pass/fail result is announced after the test, our customers are often praised by the supervising examiner: “You did very well” or “It’s unusual for someone to pass the test on the first try.”

We tell our customers it’s fine to say “I read the Manual / App for License exchange driving exam”
I feel this is the moment when I have fully returned the favor to the customer.

The moments of hearing these words of happiness after a student takes the test have been a motivator in my daily work, and brought me to this point.
Truly, no matter how many times I express my thanks, it’s not enough.

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