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Documents and translation for converting your license

This page explains process of exchanging your foreign driver's license, into Japanese driver's license.

Especially most of American driver's license holders have to take driving test.

So we show all steps from correcting required documents until your driver's license converted into a Japanese one, including driving exam.

Steps to convert your driver's license

STEP 1Correct required documents

STEP 2Obtain a Japanese translation of your foreign driver’s license

STEP 3Preparation for written test

STEP 4Submit necessary required documents and translation

STEP 5Preparation for driving exam

STEP 6Driving exam and a Japanese license issue

step1Correct required documents


① A Jumin-hyo (residence card)
② Valid foreign license
③ Passport
④ Photo 3cm high × 2.4cm length
⑤ ID
⑥ Ex-driver's license, if you have already
⑦ Glasses (if needed)

An official copy of Jumin-hyo (residence card) containing about the information of your registered domicile.

Passport (which can prove your stay in your country for 3month minimum since your license issue date by showing custom stamps)


step2Obtain a Japanese translation of your license


The translation service is available at JAF.

Place to go : Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).
Address : 2-2-17 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-8562
Phone : 03-6833-9100
Open : 9:00 - 17:30, Mon - Fri
Booking : Impossible
Time to issue : within 1 hour

Please note that any Japanese translations are NOT acceptable other than the translation issued at JAF or foreign embassies.

Accordingly, any translations prepared by your own translation agency cannot be accepted.


step3Preparation for written test

written test

Questions associated with traffic safety laws are often considered to be "common sense," (according to the survey results conducted with our customers).

Most of our customers felt that it was unnecessary to spend extra time on studying for the exam.

Questions are given 10,and 7 out of 10 is a passing score.

Preparation for written test is not essential


step4Submit necessary required documents


Bring all documents and translation from Step1 and 2, submit it at Driving examination center for license exchange procedure.

Procedure of the day:
1. Take an aptitude test.
2. Submit required documents.
3. Take written test.
4. Reserve driving exam (you may not be able to take driving exam on the day. Usually you have to wait around a couple of weeks)

Place to go : (2 places to apply in Tokyo)

1, Samezu examination center (located on central of Tokyo)
Address : 1-12-5, Higashi-Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0011
Phone : 03-3474-1374

2, Fuchu examination center (located on suburb of Tokyo)
Address : 3-1-1, Tama-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0002
Phone : 04-2362-3591
Open : 9:00 - 15:00, Mon - Fri
Booking : Impossible
Time to spend: about 2 or 3 hours

Please note that, by afternoon the places are always full of people to convert licenses, it is highly recommendable to apply as early as possible in the morning if you wish to not spend your time long for waiting


step5Preparation for driving exam

These are some of the rules and tips for success !
  • Slow down before curves and brake at least 2 times
  • You must keep to the left side of the road before turning
  • You are allowed to change lanes during intersections and need to do so
  • You may not brake in...

...up to about 100 rule, and more tips

Check tips to pass!

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step6Driving exam


The driving skill test determines not only your driving skills.

If there is someone who had taken the exam in the past around you, you may heard that they had failed the exam even several times !

It is important that you to drive to the qualifying standards.

However, if you understand the standards and know the correct exercises to achieve a passing score, you shouldn't be concerned.


Getting a Japanese license


Issuing your Japanese drivers license

Then all of steps for your license conversion will be completed.

You will get your license on the same day of the driving exam after passing it.

You can start driving with your Japanese license on the day.

Attention : Submitting necessary required documents

Required documents and translation

Real examples of our customers for necessary required documents:

Case1. The foreign driver’s license had already expired.

Case2. The person had not stayed in the issuing country or region for a total of three months or more since the acquisition date.

Case3. Name written on the driver’s license was different from the legal name of the passport (simply misspelled).

Case4. The original acquisition date was not mentioned on the foreign driver’s license. In this case, an official document proving the original acquisition date (such as driver’s record) is required.

Is the License Exchange (Gaimen kirikae) driving exam in Tokyo hard to pass ?

Only the person who knows what to be expected pass the exam!

Best way to complete converting your license is to know tips to pass the practical exam !

If you do not know what to do, then it is hard to pass !

But if you know the rules and are able to show them on the driving exam, you will definitely get your Japanese driver's license.

We know all of the most helpful tips, and 95% of our students who practice at our driving school in Tokyo pass the test at their first try in Tokyo.


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